The Top 10 Richest Clubs in Football Manager 2018 Revealed

Football Manager 2018 is here at last, and as you can imagine, gamers are back glued to their laptops and various devices as they try to become the next big thing in the world of coaching.

Of course it helps to be in charge of a club that can provide you with good funding, and the list below, courtesy of the Daily Mail, has already done most of the work for you in that regard.

Keep scrolling to find out who the top 10 richest clubs in FM18 are: 

1. Manchester City

Max transfer budget: £108m

Max wage budget: £3.97m 

You probably won't need to add anyone else to Man City's already brilliant squad, but there's £108m to throw around if you do feel the urge to purchase a new player or two.

The Etihad side recorded a net spend of £138.1m this summer, but they're still top of the pile when it comes to available funds.

2. Liverpool

Max transfer budget: £97.16m

Max wage budget: £3.18m 

The Merseyside outfit have quite the wealthy owners, but perhaps it's still a surprise seeing them this high up.

You'd have a fantastic attack, with the likes of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Adam Lallana all about, plus there's the arrival of Naby Keita set for the following season. But of course you'd be tempted to bring defenders in; and there's more than enough moolah to do so.

3. Tottenham

Max transfer budget: £94.96m

Max wage budget: £2.27m

Well, they're above Arsenal here too, despite Arsene Wenger's frugal ways. And with Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Harry Winks and Co. all destined to get better, there's hardly any need to break the bank.

4. Arsenal

Max transfer budget: £92.8m

Max wage budget: £3.03m 

Arsenal in fourth place, who would have thought?

The Gunners still boast a transfer budget of £92.8m, despite missing out on a Champions League place last season. But unlike Spurs, they could still use a bit of sprucing up.

5. Barcelona

Max transfer budget: £92.58m

Max wage budget: £5.54m 

The Catalan supremos come in at No.5 with a transfer budget of £92.58m, but a wage budget of over £5m, the highest on this list.

There's not much need for spending at Barca, but of course a whole lot of you would go grab Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool at the soonest.

6. Chelsea

Max transfer budget: £86.1m

Max wage budget: £3.52m 

The Blues are the reigning Premier League champions, that must count for something financially. They're also backed by a billionaire owner in Roman Abramovich.

With a transfer kitty of £86.1m, why not go out and buy all of the stars who were said to have rejected the Stamford Bridge club during the summer?

7. Real Madrid

Max transfer budget: £56.86m

Max wage budget: £4.54m 

Real Madrid are usually higher up on such lists, but this time, they're only in seventh place with a spending budget of nearly £57m. That is still quite a lot of money, especially when the quality of their squad is taken into consideration.

8. Manchester United

Max transfer budget: £51.47m

Max wage budget: £3.89m 

Man United are hardly ever this low on financial lists, but their spending over the past two years does merit their rank on here.

They spent £89m to bring Paul Pogba back last summer, and paid Everton an initial £75m for Romelu Lukaku this year. 

There is still enough money to spend at the club, but they're still a Sir Alex Ferguson away from success, you'd think.

9. Paris Saint-Germain

Max transfer budget: £48.7m

Max wage budget: £3.82m 

The French giants are lucky to even be in the top 10, given the summer they've had and are also about to have, with Kylian Mbappe's permanent transfer set to be sealed next year.

There's just under £50m to work with if there's any need for it, though.

10. Bayern Munich

Max transfer budget: £48.15m

Max wage budget: £3.97m 

Bayern Munich aren't known for extravagant spending, but they always manage to bring in top talent.

You might not be as skilled as their board members when it comes to thrashing out deals. But you don't have to be, with such a squad at your disposal.