Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has defied club loyalty and risked angering United fans after he claimed 'too many' Liverpool players would make it into Jose Mourinho's starting XI.


​According to EuroSport, when asked how many Liverpool players would start for United he responded: "There’s too many to name. 

Sunderland v Liverpool - Premier League

"Adam Lallana would push to get in the Manchester United team. So would Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.


"Maybe Joel Matip and Georginio Wijnaldum would be in contention too, and maybe even a centre-forward like Daniel Sturridge who can make something out of nothing, pull something out of the bag when a game is tight.


"Liverpool have gone that way and they have a lot more flair than United."

In fact, it seems Parker really isn't a fan of this United team at all.


"United are missing a bit of dynamism," he said. "I don’t think there’s much of a change of pace or enough craft, and they should be looking to add a bit of a spark, that little bit of flair.


"There aren’t many players there at the moment who can pull create something out of nothing. There’s Juan Mata, Paul Pogba might do something, Zlatan Ibrahimovic might do something, but they need a little bit more. 

Manchester United v Middlesbrough - Premier League

"It’s a particular problem in wide areas, where Jesse Lingard has become a workhorse rather than bringing any flair, and Anthony Martial is still struggling.


"There’s nobody going past players out wide and, other than Valencia, there’s nobody consistently delivering quality into the box."


Manchester United play Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon, with most United fans eagerly anticipating the game..... but not Parker. 


"Against Liverpool on Sunday he is going to set up defensively and shut the game down. That’s just the way he works," the former United full back claimed.


"It’s the way he builds his sides. He sets his teams up to not get beaten by the other top teams. Don’t get beat by the top teams and then that gives him a chance to sustain something. 

"If he does anything different then Paul Parker will eat humble pie."


Parker - who lost his right back position in the United team to a young Gary Neville - played for nine teams during his career and won 19 England caps.