​How is it that Cristiano Ronaldo can make something as boring as toasting bread look cool? 

Fresh from picking up the FIFA best player award for 2016, last years Ballon d'Or winner has been fulfilling his promotional duties by shooting an advert for online poker company PokerStars. 

The brief 15 second clip shows the Portuguese international walking into his kitchen before grabbing an orange and doing keepy-uppies with it - as you do. 

Perhaps deciding that fruit may not be to his liking, the 31-year-old then catches the orange, placing it in some weighted scales, which in turn triggers some Home Alone type contraption that ultimately ends up flipping the switch on a toaster to end the whole toasting process. 


Of course being the closest human to superman, Ronaldo is there to catch the toast that pops up, before displaying the hashtag 'raiseit', which has been carved into the bread. 

To be honest with you, it all seems a bit of a faff just to make some toast, but then again, who are we to argue with a man who has won just about every award available in football over the last year?