​Who'd be a footballer?

Well, most of us actually. You get to play the greatest sport in the world, get paid rather handsomely for it, and if that wasn't already more than enough, potentially bask in the adulation of millions.


But then again, there is always the flip-side to every story, and if a footballer makes a mistake - especially if that mistake is connected to the beautiful game - then the aforementioned adulation can quickly turn to widespread ridicule:

Such was the fate that befell former Aston Villa and Manchester United striker Dion Dublin.

Now working as an occasional pundit, poor Dion was taking part in a pitch-side discussion recently when a stray ball just happened to hit his leg. Showing the reaction speed of a comatose elephant, Dublin was only able to react roughly an hour later.

Sure, he was more renowned for his heading ability than his technique but this is something else entirely.